Guidelines for an Illustrator


Draw while loving existence


Remember the right distance
between yourself and what you’re doing
If necessary, take a bold step closer
but move away just as easily
if you begin to smell the breath
Feel free to put the pen down
and leave when you feel like it


Accept differences
that today is different from yesterday
that time is different now than in the past
Look at other people’s work sometimes
Think about what you like and don’t like about them


Draw large lines with a free hand
improvise when it works
Measure and analyze when necessary
Create details but don’t get bogged down in them
Getting tense reduces quality
and makes everyone feel bad


When drawing, draw as your own person
a traveller who is now here
but the day after tomorrow somewhere totally different

This very moment is unique 

Paula Eight

Art & design -työpajat
  • Viivan leikki – muotokuvapaja croquis-tekniikalla
  • Tilaa piirtäjä kokoukseen
  • Sarjakuvatyöpaja – piirrä ja kerro tarina


Services in English:
  • Line Play -portrait workshop by using croquis -techniques
  • Order a drawer to your meeting
  • Test your skills as a comic book artist!