December 6, 2013

In organic patterns, human figures mirror societal relationships and the arc of human development.


Spök - The conductor, 2006

Spök — The conductor

Those two women
Don't know anything about each other
Though their destinies affect each others' lives


They're on an invisible seesaw
When one is lifted up,
The other is simultaneously lowered down
So that the scale can be tipped again

They're similar in that
if they met
they could even become good friends
They'd certainly like each other a lot

But there's still an ugly conductor in the background
The kind whom nobody really is able to see
He's pulling the strings and controlling it all

And even he doesn't really know
How huge an orchestra he's conducting

Can you see it? There he is
That smudge on the paper
Arms outstretched
A harmless-looking mess

However, both women were eventyally fine
One got a frog,
And the other found her face in the water  ●

Paula Eight

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